Friday, 3 July 2015

Home teeth whitening advantages

The number of people that are choosing to have teeth whitening is constantly growing.

So it is reasonable to want to whiten your teeth quickly and safely, which leads to the increase of home teeth whitening kits being purchased.
Home teeth whitening kits do come with advantages, some home teeth whitening systems even resulting in long-term effects.
There are endless amounts of home teeth whitening kits that allow the consumer to apply the gel or formula with ease for a few minutes each day. Previous methods were messy and took a long time for any results to present themselves.

Think Bizzle and Smile, among others, offer home teeth whitening kits online which is convenient as there is a large number of mobile device users and online users searching for teeth whitening.
An advantage of whitening teeth at home is the regular applications do providing lasting benefits by strengthening the tooth enamel. Also, there have been reports on fast improvements and an increased protection against dental problems.

Lastly, home teeth whitening is more convenient than leaving your home to go to a clinic which means doing the whitening whenever is suitable for you and whitening your teeth to the level of whiteness you want to achieve. Home teeth whitening is inexpensive compared to visiting the dentist or a professional clinic.

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Why do teeth become yellow?

Before we begin to figure out how to whiten teeth we must know how they become yellow in the first place.
There are many factors that could be the cause of yellow teeth from the food and drink an individual ingests to genetics and overall oral hygiene.
Each tooth is made up of four tissues – enamel, which is the white that covers and protects the tooth; dentin, this supports the enamel and will the hard yellow material responsible for carrying nerves; pulp is at the very centre of the tooth containing the blood and lymph vessels and the cementum, which is the tissue enveloping the root of the tooth.
The two tissues that play the biggest role in the colouring of the tooth are the enamel and the dentin. Certain food and drink will have an immediate reaction, staining the enamel however the larger problem is the foods that are breaking down the enamel, weakening it as we grow older. Because the enamel is breaking down, it begins to reveal the dentin underneath.
Think Bizzle and Smile has home teeth whitening kits that focus on whitening the teeth that have already lost some of that essential white enamel.
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